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YounGeCatS is a German platform for young scientists in academia and industry in the field of catalysis research. The network facilitates intensive exchange and discussion amongst young scientists on research and socio-political as well as career-based topics. Furthermore, YounGeCatS provides a link between students and the established scientific community in the extensive field of catalysis research.

The YounGeCatS network is open to all young scientists who are interested.
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Current Events:


Past Events:

YounGeCatS Networking Event 2019

This year’s networking event of the young catalysis researchers of YounGeCatS took place mid-November. The meeting point was the Carbon2Chem plant in Duisburg located on the premises of Thyssenkrupp Steel. Led by Dr. Karsten Büker the participants had the chance to visit the model plant and learn about the processes that are run in it - treatment of exhaust gases and their conversion to methanol. Afterwards Prof. Dr. Eleonore Soei-Winkels gave a presentation about how to use social media for professional networking. A stimulated discussion between the participants and the speaker was proof that the topic is important for young researchers. A lovely dinner at “Urigen Treff” in Oberhausen was a prefect end to this successful day.

The second day started with a tour of the whole Thyssenkrupp Steel site. The participants got the chance to not only see important plants of the company but were lucky to be witnessing a few spectacular process steps, like the tapping of the blast furnace, the addition of 250 tons of liquid iron to the steel mill as well as the milling and galvanising of the finished steel. The site visit was led by a young engineering student who had extensive knowledge of the company and the different processes which made the tour very interesting and a success. The organisation team of the YounGeCatS is looking forward to the next event in Weimar and wishes all participants happy networking.

 YounGeCatS Networking Event 2019


YounGeCatS Summerschool “Let the Dream(Reaction) come true – Von der Reaktion zum technischen Katalysator”

18. - 21.09.2016 at the Fritz-Haber-Institut of the Max Planck Society in Berlin
Report of the Summerschool

YounGeCatS Annual Network Meeting 2016
9./10.11.2016 at Clariant AG in Heufeld 

Teilnehmer Netzwerktreffen 2016
38 participants from YounGeCatS and NaWuReT at Clariant


Contact Persons:




Bastian Mei

Rene Eckert
Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH
BU CatalystsR&D,



Cardiff Catalysis Institute, 
Cardiff University/UK


Tanja Franken
Paul Scherrer Institut,


Bastian Mei
University ofTwente,


 Naliwajko_Foto_2017_kleinschmal Titus small  Watermann  

Pawel Naliwajko
Leibnitz-Instiutfür Katalyse e.V.
LIKAT Rostock

Juliane Titus
Universität Leipzig



Clara Watermann
FhI für Umwelt-, Sicherheits-
und Energietechnik UMSICHT,