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3P Instruments GmbH & Co. KG
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 12
85235 Odelzhausen

Dr. Carsten Blum

/ heterogeneous catalysis / multiphase catalysis / micro reaction engineering / high-pressure technology / fuel cells / batteries / nanostructured catalysts / zeolites / metal organic frameworks (MOFs) / catalytic combustion / analytic / surface spectroscopy / membran engineering / particles / exhaust gas catalysis

LabSPA (Laboratory for Scientific Particle Analysis) for characterisation of dispersions, powders and porous solids:
- Particle size and shape
- BET- and active surface areas
- Pore analysis (micro, meso, macro)
- Characterisation of catalysts by use of chemisorption, temperature programmed reactions with mass spectrometry
- Density, raw density, TAP-density
- High pressure adsorption
- vapour sorption...

We offer: methods, analytical instruments, method developments and research projects

3P Instruments GmbH & Co. KG
Dynamic Sorption
Bitterfelder Str. 1
04129 Leipzig

Dr. Robert Eschrich

/ heterogeneous catalysis / reation engineering / high-pressure technology / metal organic frameworks (MOFs) / synthesis gas / natural gas / hydrogen / supercritical fluids / analytic / modeling / kinetics / process development / mass spectrometry / particles / exhaust gas catalysis

Dynamic Sorption, Breakthrough Curves, Mixture Adsorption, Sorption Kinetics.
We can support you in terms of method development, scientific questions, scientific instruments and contract analysis.

Advanced Machinery & Technology Chemnitz GmbH
Annaberger Straße 240
09125 Chemnitz

Michael Krusche

/ homogeneous catalysis / heterogeneous catalysis / miniplants / hydrogenations / hydroformylations / reforming / catalytic combustion / high throughput methods / catalyst synthesis / catalyst development / process development / reactor design / exhaust gas catalysis

The Advanced Machinery & Technology Chemnitz GmbH (Amtech) is specialised in highly automated reactor systems for laboratory and piloting applications. The main focus is on high-throughput technology for catalysis. Besides multi-reactor systems Amtech offers highly automated test rigs for DeNOx catalysts either for automotive or industrial applications. Due to the modular setup Amtech systems are fully customisable and can be adapted to specific applications and special customer requirements.

AIKAA-Chemicals GmbH
Kämmereigasse 11
95444 Bayreuth

Dr. Torsten Irrgang

/ asymmetric catalysis

AIKAA-Chemicals develops and produces novel chiral catalysts, which possess high activity and selectivity in the asymmetric synthesis of chiral fine and specialty chemicals as intermediates for health and life sciences. These unique chiral catalyst technologies provide process and product development optimisation, enabling a more ecologic and economic fabrication and thereby accelerating the launch of your products. For screening purposes, we offer a air and moisture stable ligand-/catalyst-kit.

Air Liquide Forschung und Entwicklung GmbH
Frankfurt Research and Technology Center
Gwinnerstraße 27-33
60388 Frankfurt am Main

Dr. Robert Frind

/ heterogeneous catalysis / reation engineering / high-pressure technology / hydrogenations / reforming / synthesis gas / natural gas / hydrogen / renewable ressources / CO2 chemistry / analytic / modeling / kinetics / reaction mechanisms / membran engineering / process development / reactor design

AIR LIQUIDE Forschung und Entwicklung GmbH is one of the 8 AIR LIQUIDE research and development centers within the corporate R&D of the AIR LIQUIDE group. This former Lurgi R&D center was founded in 2009 as separate legal entity. One main R&D focus is on process development and optimization for the conversion of fossil and renewable feedstock to synthesis gas and downstream products like industrial gases, fuels and chemicals.

AllessaChemie GmbH
Alt-Fechenheim 34
60386 Frankfurt am Main

Dr. Klaus Forstinger

/ hydrogenations / ligand design

Hydrogenation with supported catalysts, dedicated experience in hydrogenation of phenols and aromatic nitro compounds with nobel metal catalysts, Synthesis of ligands for homogeneous transition metal catalysts, Process development, scale up to pilot and production.

Anton Paar Germany GmbH
Hellmuth-Hirth-Straße 6
73760 Ostfildern

Dr. Markus Kalmutzki

/ analytic / kinetics / particles

We offer methods and instruments used for the characterization of porous materials as well as scientific collaborations and method development. These methods include gas sorption (physi-, chemi- and vapor sorption) mercury intrusion, and solid density analysis (pycnometry and tapping). Capillary flow porometry, particle size analysis, x-ray diffraction, and a well-equipped analytical service lab round off our portfolio.

AP-Miniplant GmbH & Co. KG
Hirtenrasen 64
37318 Lindewerra

Dr.-Ing. Paul Appelhaus

/ reation engineering / micro reaction engineering / miniplants / process development / reactor design / exhaust gas catalysis

AP-Miniplant is specialized in laboratory and pilot plants for the chemical industry, research institutes and universities.
We also build catalyst test plants, e.g. as tubular reactor plants or as batch reactor plants for temperatures up to 1000 °C or pressures up to 350 bar.

Auer Remy GmbH
Alsterufer 17
20354 Hamburg

Herr Dr. Lange, Herr Jagdschian

/ zirconium- and rare earth compounds

Our customer's success is at the centre of our activities. Whether with regard to our product range, development or our service, we always aim to meet our partner's high demand for catalyst applications.Combining Auer Remy with their partner's ingenuity with their expertise in the Zirconium- and Rare Earth Chemistry and their materials development, we create extraordinary value for our customers. This means we help you to realize your potential.

Heterogeneous Catalysis
GCC M300
67056 Ludwigshafen

Dr. Dirk Demuth

/ oxidations / hydrogenations / synthesis gas / aminations / aromatisations / C-C coupling reactions / C-X coupling reactions

Oxidation und reduction of pollutants (CO, NOx) from mobile applications. Synthesis, characterization and testing of new heterogeneous catalysts and adsorbents for:
- Chemicals industry
- Refineries
- Plastics industry
- Environmental protection

Production amounts: from lab scale (grams) to production scale (tons) Characterization: physical-chemical methods Testing: laboratory plants (e.g. high throughput experimentation), integrated pilot plants, demonstration reactors

Bayer MaterialScience AG
Chempark B211
51368 Leverkusen

Dr. Christoph Gürtler

/ homogeneous catalysis / heterogeneous catalysis / CO2 chemistry

Katalyse, Katalytische Reaktionstechnik, Katalysatorentwicklung, Katalytische Herstellung von Oligomeren

- Bestimmung von Struktur-Eigenschafts-Korrelationen, Auswirkung auf Polymere -

Bayer Technology Services GmbH
Reaction Engineering and Catalysis
Chempark E41
51368 Leverkusen

Dr. Aurel Wolf

/ homogeneous catalysis / heterogeneous catalysis / reation engineering / catalyst development

- consultancy, evaluation and support in the selection of catalysts;
- manufacture and shaping of catalysts;
- structural characterization of catalysts, also under reaction conditions;
- catalyst screening and feasibility studies;
determination of structure/property correlations;
life assessment and regeneration of catalysts;
- support in solving operating problems, fault analysis and troubleshooting;
catalytic reaction engineering: design of catalysts

Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH
BU Catalysts
Lenbachplatz 6
80333 München

Dr. -Ing. Marvin Estenfelder

/ heterogeneous catalysis / zeolites / analytic / catalyst synthesis / process development

Entwicklung, Scale-Up und industrielle Herstellung von Katalysatoren für die (petro)chemische Industrie, Raffinerien und Polymerisationsreaktionen.
Präparationstechniken: Mischen, Rühren, (Co-)Fällung, Imprägnierung, (Sprüh-)Trocknung, Filtration, Tablettieren, Extrudieren, Coating, Kalzinieren, Reduktion und Stabilisierung, Aktivierung
Katalytische Ausprüfung im Mikro-, Benchscale- und Pilotmaßstab, High Throughput Methoden

CreativeQuantum GmbH
Wegedornstr. 32
12524 Berlin

Dr. Marek Checinski

/ homogeneous catalysis / heterogeneous catalysis / asymmetric catalysis / polymerization catalysis / organocatalysis / electrocatalysis / photocatalysis / fuel cells / batteries / nanostructured catalysts / zeolites / metal organic frameworks (MOFs) / oxidations / hydrogenations / alkylations / hydroformylations / isomerizations / allylations / metathesis / reforming / catalytic combustion / synthesis gas / natural gas / hydrogen / renewable ressources / ionic liquids / CO2 chemistry / analytic / modeling / kinetics / catalyst synthesis / ligand design / catalyst immobilisation / reaction mechanisms / zirconium- and rare earth compounds / aminations / aromatisations / C-C coupling reactions / C-X coupling reactions / catalyst development / catalyst degradation / process development / exhaust gas catalysis

CreativeQuantum specializes in the implementation of quantum chemistry-based research and development for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. In this case we identify any chemical and physical properties at the molecular level of any systems and processes. We offer our customers the support for the development of creative resource- and energy-efficient production processes with unique methods. Here, we apply innovative optimization algorithms.

DexLeChem GmbH
c/o CoLaborator, Building S141
Muellerstr. 178
13353 Berlin

Martin Rahmel

/ homogeneous catalysis / asymmetric catalysis / multiphase catalysis / hydrogenations / modeling / catalyst recycling / C-C coupling reactions / process development

DexLeChem is specialized in process development and optimization for fine chemicals. In the field of homogenous catalysis (chiral & achiral) our Core Competencies are:
- Catalyst re-using
- Liquid-liquid separation
- Quantum chemical and numerical simulations
The interdisciplinary team from chemistry, process technology and quantum chemistry develops innovative solutions within the shortest time (Scrum-based management) providing economic and ecological advantages.

Evonik Industries AG
Process Technology & Engineering
Paul-Baumann Strasse 1
45764 Marl

Dr. Horst Hiltner

/ homogeneous catalysis / heterogeneous catalysis / multiphase catalysis / reation engineering / micro reaction engineering / miniplants / high-pressure technology / electrocatalysis / zeolites / oxidations / hydrogenations / hydroformylations / isomerizations / catalytic combustion / synthesis gas / hydrogen / renewable ressources / supercritical fluids / analytic / high throughput methods / modeling / kinetics / aminations / membran engineering / process development / reactor design

Screening of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts, high throughput experimentation, scale-up of catalytical processes, catalysed gas phase- and multiphase reactions, kinetic investigations, reactor design and modelling, Design, set-up and operation of modular small scale production units, handling of poisonous materials and explosive mixtures, competence centre for oxidation catalysis, application of membranes in catalysis, high temperature and high pressure applications

Evonik Industries AG
IM-KA-RT (Business Line Catalysts)
Rodenbacher Chaussee 4
63457 Hanau

Dr. Stefan Wieland

/ homogeneous catalysis / heterogeneous catalysis / polymerization catalysis / zeolites / oxidations / hydrogenations / metathesis / renewable ressources / catalyst recycling / aminations / C-C coupling reactions / C-X coupling reactions

- Precious Metal Powder Catalysts for chemical synthesis in batch reactions
- Metathesis Catalysts
- Activated Base Metal Catalysts
- Catalysts for continuously operated large scale chemical processes like hydrogenation, oxidation, reduction
- Catalyst precursors for olefin polymerization processes

Hamburg Technology Trading Center GmbH & Co. KG
HTTC GmbH & Co. KG
Kleine Johannisstraße 4
20457 Hamburg

Herr Karsten Müller

/ reation engineering / catalyst recycling

Expert advice, support, know-how and procurement in technology trading; focus: catalysis and renewable primary products

hte GmbH – the high throughput experimentation company
Kurpfalzring 104
69123 Heidelberg

Dr. Wolfram Stichert

/ high throughput methods / catalyst development / process development

hte is a leading provider of high throughput technology solutions and services for clients in the energy, chemical and environmental sectors. hte's solutions enable significant enhancement in R&D productivity in the fields of catalysis and materials science. hte brings the benefits of its expertise via two complimentary offerings: (i) the implementation of tailored hardware solutions at the client's site and (ii) collaborative research programs based at hte's facilities in Heidelberg.

InProcess Instruments GmbH
Otto-Lilienthal-Str. 16
28199 Bremen

Dr. Michael Brudel

/ analytic / mass spectrometry

InProcess Instruments (IPI) specialises in customer-specific solutions in on-line gas analysis. We develope, engineer and manufacture industry-compatible quadrupole mass spectrometers. Our systems facilitate multi-component on-line gas analysis for production monitoring, process control, quality monitoring, process engineering, research and laboratory as well as coupling with other analytical techniques.

INTERKAT Katalysatoren GmbH
Eduard-Rhein-Straße 25
53639 Königswinter

Kevin Zirpel

/ heterogeneous catalysis / catalyst coatings / exhaust gas catalysis

Coating of supporting material (ceramic and metallic), with catalytic active materials, used in the field of "exhaust after treatment for combustion engines" and "special catalysts". Business area:
1. Decentralized power generation and renewable energy. Delivery of components or complete systems, depending on customers choice.
2. Diesel exhaust after treatment, oxidation catalysts and coated Diesel particle filter, SCR for automotive, non-road and stationary engines.
3. Exhaust after treatment for petrol engines, TWC.
4. Tailormade catalysts for special applications, i.e. process catalyst, exhaust air and safety engineering." 

Iolitec Ionic Liquids Technologies GmbH
Salzstraße 184
74076 Heilbronn

Dr. Thomas Schubert

/ ionic liquids

In addition to a standard product range of about 300 ionic liquids, 40 key intermediates and 175 nanomaterials that are available in gram, kilogram and ton scale, IoLiTec has put a strong focus on R&D services and custom syntheses. IoLiTec proposes high quality nanomaterials at very competitive prices. In addition, Iolitec offers dispersions or slurries of different nano-materials in water or organic solvents.

Linde AG - Linde Engineering Division
Dr.-Carl-von-Linde-Str. 6-14
82049 Pullach

Dr. Nicole Schödel

/ homogeneous catalysis / heterogeneous catalysis / kinetics / process development / reactor design

Linde Engineering Division is a leading technology partner for plant engineering and construction, offering processes for gas production, gas purification, petrochemistry and energy, based on own developments. These developments comprise the optimization and scale-up of heterogeneous and homogeneous catalytic processes, investigation of reaction kinetics, reactor design and modeling as well as process studies based thereon regarding sustainability and economics of the processes.

Hermann-von-Vicari-Str. 23
78464 Konstanz

Dr. Markus Ringwald

/ homogeneous catalysis / asymmetric catalysis / hydrogenations / metathesis / NMR / catalyst synthesis / ligand design / C-C coupling reactions / C-X coupling reactions / catalyst development

MCAT is your partner for catalyst, metelorganic reagents and metallocenes. In the online-catalogue you will find over 1000 catalysts and over 2000 compounds in total. We are the preferred partner for your R&D projects and for the scale-up of your procedures. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Parr Instrument (Deutschland) GmbH
Zeilweg 15
60439 Frankfurt am Main

Gernot Nell

/ high-pressure technology / reactor design

Supplier of batch reactors, continuous flow and tubular reactors, customized reaction systems on the laboratory scale.

Prosense GmbH
Aretinstrasse 24
81545 München

Dr. Uwe Hess

/ reactor design / particles

Sales and consultancy of ambient and high pressure systems, various types of calorimeters for process development and chemical safety applications, particle size distribution systems

RTM Resources + Technologies - Management Dr. H. Klefenz e.K.
Hauptstrasse 35
76879 Bornheim

Dr. Heinrich Klefenz

/ homogeneous catalysis / heterogeneous catalysis / biocatalysis / multiphase catalysis / reation engineering / micro reaction engineering / high-pressure technology / perovskites / nanostructured catalysts / reforming / synthesis gas / natural gas / supercritical fluids / ionic liquids / CO2 chemistry / membran engineering / process development / reactor design

Unser Unternehmen ist tätig in der Verfahrensentwicklung, der Reaktorentwicklung und im Apparate- & Spezial-Reaktor- und Sonderanlagenbau. Wir sind u.a. in folgenden Bereichen tätig: Elektro-Katalyse bei Perowskit-Membran-Sauerstoff- und Stickstoff-Generatoren,
homogene und heterogene Katalyse bei Synthese-Gas-Reaktoren (Verfahren) und bei Synthese-Reaktoren,
Bio-Katalyse bei Fermentationen von Aminosäuren (z.B. L-Lysin), Alkoholen (Butanol-1) und Synthese von rekombinanten Insulin-Varianten,
Plasma-Synthese von Keramik- und Metall-Pulvern (Radikal-Reaktionen),
Mikrowellen-Synthese (Ionothermal-Synthesen von intermetallischen Verbindungen),
Katalytisch-thermische Spaltung von H2O mittels Perowskiten (Oberflächenkatalyse) und Nuklearthermie,
CO2-Chemie mit katalytischer Synthese von Diethylcarbonat und Dimethylcarbonat,
SynGas-Reaktionen (Dry Reforming mit CO2),
Oberflächenkatalyse der Umsetzung von SiO2 zu Tetraalkoxysilanen,
Oberflächen-Elektro-Katalyse bei De-Oxidation von Metalloxiden zu Metallen,
Kohlenwasserstoff-Synthesen (MTG, GTL, FT)
Isotopentrennung ('Katalyse' mit Photonen)

Rubotherm GmbH
Konrad-Zuse Str. 4
44801 Bochum

Dr. Thomas Paschke

/ analytic

Rubotherm develops, produces and sells measuring instru-ments and laboratory plants to characterize catalysts, measure sorption processes and porosities. The patented Magnetic Suspension Balance of Rubotherm can measure at temperatures from -196°C to 2000°C within the range of ultra high vacuum up to 2000 bar with a resolution up to 1 microgram.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies Leuna GmbH
Am Haupttor, Gebäude 8322 k.A.
06237 Leuna

Dr. Andreas Klemt

/ heterogeneous catalysis


Sigmar Mothes Hochdrucktechnik GmbH
Volmerstraße 7B
12489 Berlin

Dr.-Ing. Hans Häring

/ reation engineering / miniplants / high-pressure technology / supercritical fluids / process development / reactor design

Sigmar Mothes Hochdrucktechnik GmbH is an innovative company, with more than 30 years experience in high pressure technology. Our Range of Service is particularly assembly, consulting and service for laboratory- and pilot plants up to 10000 bars and 1000 °C, research and development in the field of high pressure technology, preliminary tests and feasibility studies with our plants and service in the area of extraction and similar applications for specialty chemistry production in tons scale.

Strem Chemicals, Inc.
European Headquarter
Rue de l'Atome, Z.I. 15
67800 Bischheim (France)

Dr. Michael E. Strem

/ homogeneous catalysis / heterogeneous catalysis / asymmetric catalysis / catalyst synthesis / ligand design

Strem Chemicals' mission is to provide specialty chemicals of high purity to the worldwide research community. We are a leading supplier of materials for heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis. Besides active catalysts we offer state of the art chiral and nonchiral ligands, organometallic precursors and nanomaterials. We commercialize every year hundreds of new products from collaborations with academia and industry.

Thermox Performance Materials GmbH
Bredeneyer Str. 2b
45133 Essen

Dr. Dieter Guhl

/ heterogeneous catalysis / nanostructured catalysts / oxidations / alkylations / isomerizations / catalyst development / exhaust gas catalysis

Manufacturing of tin oxides, indium tin oxides and of doped tin oxides

Tipecska Maschinenbau GmbH
Äußere Kreuzäcker 1
82395 Obersöchering

Eva Tipecska

/ heterogeneous catalysis

Since 1962 Tipecska has been manufacturing tableting tools in Germany for pressing powder as by the production of heterogeneous catalysts needed. Our in-house development department and production offer short delivery times. We optimize existing tools with your requirements e.g. FEM analysis and develop tailor-made tableting tools for all common machine types and tablets.

Rodenbacher Chaussee 4
63457 Hanau

Katharina Brodt

/ electrocatalysis / photocatalysis / fuel cells / batteries / catalyst coatings / catalyst recycling / catalyst development / exhaust gas catalysis

Umicore is a global materials technology and recycling group. It focuses on application areas where its expertise in materials science, chemistry and metallurgy makes a real difference. Its activities are centred on four business areas: Catalysis, Energy Materials, Performance Materials and Recycling. Umicore generates the majority of its revenues and dedicates most of its R&D efforts to clean technologies, such as emission control catalysts and materials for rechargeable batteries.

Dr.-Rudolf-Sachtleben-Straße 4
47198 Duisburg

Dr. Thomas Emmerich Maldonado

/ heterogeneous catalysis / nanostructured catalysts / reforming / exhaust gas catalysis

Venator is a manufacturer of titanium dioxide for a variety of catalytic processes such as SCR, oxidation catalysis, refining applications, and Claus catalysis. The core competence lies in the development and optimization of new titanium dioxide products for these applications on a large scale. A range of processes are available for the synthesis of high-purity and chemically (e.g. metal oxide) or physically (e.g. pore size) modified titanium dioxide.

W.C.Heraeus GmbH
Heraeusstr. 12
63450 Hanau

Dr. Rainer Kiemel

/ catalyst synthesis

Chemical Catalysts, Environmental Catalysts, Special Catalysts

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